Eye dee kaye

Arrival at King's Landing

The ongoing adventures of the Shattered Hand

The session began as The Shattered Hand fought off savage alligators while forging a lone river in the desert. After a grueling but otherwise uneventful trek through the desert they arrived in the Tor where they met with Measter Langerhans.

Langerhans told them of the recent increase in reports of arcane activity. He then explained his hypothesis that Magic was somehow tied to the Dragons and that this increase in magical activity may Herald the return of the Dragons. They proceeded to the Mansion and defeated the gauntlet of animated objects and constructs to discover a teleportation circle. When the Measter accompanied the party to the Mansion he noticed that Wayne was emitting a strong aura of Necromancy.

The teleportation circle took them too the ruins of a tower not far from the road to King’s Landing. They soon arrived in the capitol registered for events. Afterwards Garth and Er’ Taal went to the Red Keep to meet with Oberyn. They delivered the package they had for him and he gave them a gem as payment.

Meanwhile Wayne Met with Elrich the Scholar who cast Analyze Dweomer on him in exchange for three favors. Much to the puzzlement of both Wayne and Elrich the spell revealed that the aura was caused by a clone spell.

Norris went to visit the Wayfarer a traveling church of Farlaughn. He told them of his encounter with the cleric of Podarge. They explained that the Church of Podarge was an ancient religion once popular in the Ghiscari Empire. They also attribute the rise in the slave trade to the reincarnation of this religion. Norris offered his help in bringing this cult down.

Roshokh met with Stevie Wigglebottom a minor city official and offered to get rid of all the rats in town. Using a flute The Merchant sold him he summoned thousands of rats to Mr. Wigglebottom’s office and caught as many as he could in a crate and offered to dispose of them by eating them. Wigglebottom was impressed, though slightly disturbed, but needed to consult is superiors before agreeing to Roshokh’s offer.

When last we saw our intrepid adventurers they were just checking inn to the Iron Barstool.



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