Eye dee kaye

The tourneys begin

Last time on a very special session of IDK

The party registered for the several of the official events as well as the for many of the smaller events organized by the various mercenary guilds.

Elrich called in the first of his favours requesting that Wyne investigate the dragon pit for clues as to what really happened to the dragons. The rest of the party chose to accompany. They found that the pit was now inhabited by kobolds. The kobolds initially mistook the party for “Whitehair” declaring that “Whitehair is back.” but after realizing their mistake the kobolds attacked. Despite two of the kobolds being unusually skilled they proved to be no match for the shattered hand. Upon questioning the kobolds revealed that someone, known to them only as Whitehair, had been visiting the dragon pit. Apparently Whitehair initially punched them in their collective snouts to show dominance. Then began teaching them and apparently attempting to instill some form of law among the Kobolds. The kobolds warned them of the dangerous monsters ahead. The party let the kobolds go and continued into the dragon pit. They fought several monsters including a hooked horror which nearly killed Wyne. However there was nothing of interest concerning the dragons. They reported their findings to Elrich who returned to his study without saying much on the matter.

Wyne returned to the cleric who had promised to remove his amnesia. However the spell only removed a single instance of his amnesia. His first memory has foggy… literally. He was chasing someone through fog inside a building. He did not know who he was chasing, only that he hated him with all his being and that he had to destroy him. He chased him outside the building but immediately lost him in the crowded streets. After this first memory he remembered being extremely and inexplicably ill for several months. However his illness subsided with time and he fell into a life of petty crime. He eventually met Rashokh and Garth which led to his current situation.

The next day the Mercenary tourney began. Each member of the shattered hand easily made it through first round of their respective events.

In the second round of the unarmed tourney Garth fought Thorvald Umber a ‘huge fucking guy’. Thorvald managed to grapple and pin Garth and it seemed he had the upper hand. However he eventually began to tire. With a last burst of strength he dragged both Garth and Himself over the side of the ring. In this unprecedented double ring out the judges decided that the fight would continue. Garth took the initiative and delivered a finishing blow to Thorvald. After this fight Garth met an Elf by the name of Brunor Stonefist and Dwarf known as Elrond Leafstep. Who recounted that Herbert told them that “Erfs rack stlength” and “Dwalf rack glace” respectively. Garth also approached a mysterious gray haired figure who had been observing him. The man had little to say merely commenting on the fight and quickly departing.

Rashokh fought a capable fighter from house Santagar. The fighter managed to disarm Rashokh however he also disarmed himself, planting his sword firmly in the ground. Rashokh managed to retrieve his weapon first and made short work of his unarmed opponent.

Wyne faced off against Arron Redfort who consumed a great many potions before the fight which seemed to make him look stronger and more graceful. Wyne’s initial strategy was to avoid the young noble until the potions had worn off. This cowardly tactic made the audience very upset and a it nearly incited a riot. With the crowd attempting to interfere Wyne rethought his tactics and defeated Redfort in a close fought match.

Norris fought a fearsome samurai who attempted to intimidate him with each blow. However Norris was not impressed and made short work of the samurai.

Er’taal was matched against a young rogue who continually attempted to feint against her. However Er’taal’s training as a Bravosi water dancer allowed him to easily see through his opponent who he defeated handily.

Er’taal went shopping and ran into Wyne. Wyne however behaved very oddly and ignored Er’taal. Bahaving as though he didn’t know her.

Norris returned to the church of Farlaughn where he was staying and spoke with the clerics there. They told him of their plans to ask for funding from the king to fight slavery. Norris being more knowledgeable of Westerosi history and politics than any of the other clerics committed to help them when the had their audience with the king.

The following day the Melee began. It was a long foughtand chaotic battle with many of the fans interfering by throwing things on the field that could either help or hinder the combatants. Many of the members of the shattered fared well lasting well into the fight. Midway through the fight a halfling streaker attempted to run across the field but was interrupted when Wyne World struck him down. This angered the crowd and added to his reputation as a dastardly rake. Wyne also delivered the finishing blow to the perennial favorite Thoros of Myr, angain drawing the audiences ire. The melee ultimately ended with a showdown between Er’taal Saet’rsen and Norris. It was a very close affair with Er’taal just barely emerging the victor.



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