Eye dee kaye

The tale continues
The origin of the Shattered Hand

In the basement of the Devils Knee our intrepid adventurers discovered a hidden corridor leading to a warehouse in the Harbor district. They defeated the guards in the warehouse and released the slaves held there. By ‘interrogating’ the guards they discovered that a barge was to arrive soon to pick up the slaves. They ambushed the ship. Garth defeated their leader, a cleric, by pushing him overboard. The cleric worshiped a deity named Podarge whose holy symbol is of a Harpy holding manacles and a branch. The rest of the crew was imprisoned. However when they went to question the prisoners the next day the prisoners had already been sent away.

The following day our intrepid adventurers collected on several bounties posted for poisonous animals after which they convened in front of the palace gates for their scheduled dinner with Lord Dearon Vaith. In front of those palace gates an event took places that would inextricably tie the fates of our adventurers together and affect the fate of the kingdom in ways impossible to foresee. Our ragtag group of adventurers now stood united under a single banner. They had transformed into the Shattered Hand. At the dinner Lord Vaith learned that in addition to collecting on several of the bounties the party also defeated the slavers who had evaded the city guard for so long. Convinced of their ability Dearon hired them to deliver a “care package” to his cousin Oberyn Martell in Kings Landing.

Maester Nasser also had a request of the Shattered Hand and asked that they investigate a mansion in the Tor which was supposedly haunted. However his research revealed it was once owned by a wizard. He believed that the haunting was actually arcane in nature and gave them instruction to report their findings to Maester Langerhans in the Tor. He also told them this wizard regularly used teleport spells and they may find items that could help them reach King’s Landing sooner. Otherwise their instructions were to find a ship from the Tor to take them as close to King’s Landing as possible and to travel the rest of the way by horse. They set out for the Tor as guards with a caravan…

The story thus far
Things that already happened

Wayne Wyrld, Garth and Rashokh were in Old Town when an announcement was made that the King was holding celebration in King’s Landing. The three were hired by a steward of House Tyrell as guards on a ship delivering supplies to King’s Landing. After fending off an attacking pirate ship Rashokh and Wayne turned on the injured captain killing him and stealing Blackfyre, a sword the ship was transporting.

Unable to successfully sail the ship alone Wayne, Garth and Rashokh were shipwrecked on the south coast of Dorne, where they met Er’taal Saet’rsen, Brennan Ambrosa and Norris. While traveling to the nearest town our heroes discovered a temple devoted to snakes. After overcoming the challenges of the temple they discovered a magic dagger, some strange vials as well the remains of another party.

After several days traveling through the desert they reached city of Vaith. In the city they discovered that the deceased party they found were city guards, the vials contained poison and the dagger was designed for poison. The party then went to the Flagon inn where they met a rather unfriendly knave with an unusual interest in the party.

The following day they went to the palace to discuss the dead guards they found. They met with Guard Captain Tarik, Maester Nasser and Lord Dearon Vaith. By eavesdropping Rashokh and Wayne overheard that Lord Dearon thinks he recognized the elf and that the Maester would try to “reconstitute the formula”. Lord Dearon then payed a hefty sum for the items from the temple and asked them to return to the palace in three days.

While out shopping a load of stone blocks was dropped on the party by the knave from the Flagon Inn. They pursued him across the roofs of Vaith and eventually defeated him. They discovered that he was Inigo Panaka, son of the captain killed by Wayne and Rashokh. They turned him over to the local authorities.

The next day the party left the city to collect on bounties posted for seven poisonous animals. After collecting on three of the bounties Brennan decided to go to the Devils Knee Tavern while the rest of the party returned to the Flagon inn. The next day their companion Brennan had still not returned. The innkeeper who had befriended Norris warned them that the disappearances may involve slavers operating in the Devils Knee Tavern. At the Devils Knee Garth and Norris managed to thoroughly befuddle the guards while the rest of the party found the hidden back entrance to the tavern. In the basement of the tavern they found and freed Brennan. When last we saw our intrepid heroes they were about to continue investigating the Tavern…


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