Vaith is a large walled city located where the Vaith and Greenblood rivers meet. It is a center for trade in Dorne and is governed by Lord Dearon Vaith.

Merchant District

Being on a major waterway and in almost the center of Dorne there is a significant amount of trade in Vaith. Other towns and villages along the river send their goods here. From Vaith the goods are sent to Sunspear and beyond. A variety of goods are traded including local fruits, jewlery, sculptures, weapons and exotic pets. The heart of the merchant district is the bazaar a covered market with dozens of streets and hundreds of shops.


The Harbor is mainly for barges and smaller sailing vessels traveling to and from Sunspear and Godsgrace. The harbor is also where you’ll find the Devils Knee Tavern and the Flagon Inn. The harbor is mainly frequented by Sailors, but the odd adventurer or merchant may be found staying at the Flagon Inn.

Residential District

This is the largest district of Vaith with a varied population ranging from beggars to wealthy merchants. This is where you would find The Redstone Inn, the Temple of the Seven, and the guard house.


The palace is where the Lord of Vaith resides. It is surrounded by walls nearly as tall as those around the city. The palace itself is a white stone building, with four spires and a large central dome.


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